Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My only defense....

is that I started too late yesterday to possibly complete the agenda. This is my rationalization after re-reading the list and seeing what was actually accomplished.

*Ate the Vidalia Onion Dip.
*Finished Surprised by Grace
*Finished the Monk mystery.
*Threw away 2 dozen old never have been cooked, never will be cooked recipes.
*Threw away 3 bathroom basket magazines.

The rest of the agenda disappeared in the four hours we sat in the dental clinic waiting for the two older ones to get their teeth cleaned. I nearly forgot the appointment and had forgotten the appointment when I contrived my *ambitious* agenda.

Today is an all day pool party so my sights are set lower in regards to accomplishments around the house.

Setting my feet back on equal ground at the summer's beginning is a challenge. Lora Lynn calls it The Puppy Days of Summer. Maybe so. Although for me right now it's a bit less like the snuggles of puppy breath and more like finding the shoes he's chewed through when I wasn't looking. 

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