Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Brain dump, status report, part two...

picking up from last edition, I was in Greenville, S.C., learning tons and hacking greater tons due to an onset of the Bronchitis, Pollen Specialty.

The workshops and seminars of the convention lasted from around 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. We had to pick and choose, share notes when one of us attended something different, and decide whether to order CDs or not for the ones we missed all together. In between our workshop choices, we cruised through the exhibit hall with eyes wide open, stopping by the vendors we were familiar with, and being introduced to new vendors for further consideration. I went to bed early every night to conserve energy for the next day.

By Saturday evening, we were done in, believing we had squeezed every possible moment out of a truly rewarding weekend. Part one of the 10 day adventure was now over. Part two to begin in less than 24 hours.

My friend, K, and her girls arrived early Sunday morning. The goal was to fit two adults, five kids, and their assorted luggage into a Suburban for a 9 hour trek to D.C. K's youngest uses a wheelchair so that was taking up one corner. To accomplish this feat, K had purchased large plastic totes for better stacking. Each of us had one large, one medium, and two smalls.

I am not known as a "light" packer. I do like options when it comes to both clothes and footwear. Husband is very used to the assortment of bags that accompany me. He knows that I come from a long line of "bag ladies," and fairly early on he chose not to die on that hill of marriage.

K, on the other hand, could fly to Europe, with her two girls and all of their stuff, for a 12 day trip, with a carry-on. I stand amazed. Holding bags in my arms, but still amazed.

The gauntlet had been thrown. The ground rules were thus: as long as you only use the provided plastic containers, you can take whatever you can fit in them. Well, that meant two sets of clothes for each boy and the rest of the room for me.

I kid. The boys stuff took the medium container, and I took the large container. With two pairs of shoes in the top of the boys' container. I kid not. It was progress, people, trust me. In compensation for my shoes in the top of their container, I packed the two small boxes with food snacks for them. Because when you're dealing with boys-to-be-Husbands-one-day and luggage, the way to their affection for you and your "bags" is food.

Once packed, stacked, and stuffed in, the show of Two Mom, Five Kids, and we left the husbands at home was about to roll.

Here ends part two. You are welcome.

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