Monday, January 2, 2012

Before and after....

Husband's New Year's Eve project was a rousing success. Honestly, no duct tape involved even. A bit of gorilla glue to create one of the compartments, but truly what began as I thought a sure disaster of sawdust and drill bits and a skill saw ended in a great piece of furniture.

I trust Husband. I really do. That walk to trusting him has come with fear and trepidation at times, sheer will of obedience at others, and behind it all the certainty that God has gifted him for His own glory and I, as his wife, benefit from that. On Saturday I had that choice again. To stomp my feet at the disaster previously known as the den or say, "I trust you," and walk away.

I went through door number two on Saturday. Call it sanctification. That and I was able to blog about it and text with a few empathetic friends.

I wish that I had a before picture, but Husband is not a blogger and does not think of these things. Add to that the fact that I'm near illiterate with this blog when it comes to taking pictures, and well, there you have it. Who thinks of a before picture?

So I went through my photo library and came up with this picture of last year's Christmas. Chess is in the foreground showing off a prize, the Chairman is to his left, my hospital bed is in the right corner, and just behind you can see the TV cabinet as a before shot.
Now using your blog reading powers of imagination, imagine a large screen TV in front of that cabinet on a small table. Got it? Okay, now look at what Husband did to the old cabinet.
Amazing, huh? He essentially cut out the middle and created the three cubbies and left the three cabinets on the bottom. Here is the finished project with the large TV on top.
Yep, that's my man. Considering that the first TV cabinet was a cast off from some friends and Husband's creativity and skills gave us this cabinet, I'm thinking we saved near $1000 when it comes to the price of pressed board these days.

More valuable than the cost though was hearing Husband say later, "It all happened because you said you trusted me so I went with my instincts." Priceless.

Later, I'll tell you about one of my own projects. Prepare yourself to be underwhelmed.


  1. I am so impressed! Tell him I said "Good Job!".

  2. Yes! That is amazing. He did real good. Good for you for finding that before shot, too. I'm a blogger and I forgot to take before shots of our living room before we switched it up!

  3. It looks great! Yay for Husband's ingenuity and ability to pull it off so well!

  4. I'm really impressed too....yeah, yeah husband created a good piece of furniture but WOW YOU HAVE PICS ON YOUR BLOG!!!! :)