Saturday, October 22, 2011

Today I'm embracing....

my inner Martha Stewart. She's a very, very, very small inner person. In fact, even she proclaims that I am craft challenged and doesn't know why she puts up with me.

Nevertheless, I am participating in a blanket tying, knots precisely, workshop. We are making fleece blankets for the Chemo Center patients. They use the blankets when they are receiving their chemo and then they are allowed to take one home. I suppose this is our generation's version of an old-fashioned quilting bee.

Although having sat for years and seen the intricacies of my grandmother's quilt, and even helped my mom make some squares, I believe we have come down a bit in the world of skill that now we get together to tie knots of fleece. The power of the social interaction, I hope, will not be lost.

We live in an isolating environment behind computers and smart phone no-glare screens. We give status updates and send emails and tweet our latest thoughts, but for many the idea of sitting together with required eye contact and small talk is intimidating. Perhaps tying knots of fleece is the skill necessary to remove isolation and teach interaction.

I understand from a friend of mine that has done this workshop before that uniform knots are highly prized. That worries me. Eye contact and small talk I can handle. But uniform knots? Now I'm sweating. I suspect I may end up producing a blanket that a more eclectic chemo patient will appreciate.

Have a Happy Saturday no matter what you're doing!

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