Saturday, October 15, 2011

A day we could have and....

maybe should have stayed home.

Husband is with Chess and Pele at a soccer game in Savannah, GA. Miles and miles from here. The drive is not great on my back, so we decided to divide and conquer family commitments this Saturday. Since I pulled the being home straw, I was fully committed to being home and working on Bible study, finishing weekend laundry, preparing the week's meals.

The Chairman was interested in at least a mild diversionary trip to the local antique store to see if he could add to his coin collection. Friday's library trip put him in a possession of a U.S. Guide to Coins and every piece of coinage has been studied under the magnifying glass since then.

Honestly, I was not keen on that. Once in comfy clothes it takes the mountain plus a molehill to move me out of comfy clothes. The mountain of mommy guilt that youngest was a bit bereft plus the molehill inclination that a date for just the two of us would be fun moved me to shower, change, and hit the road.

First stop: local antique store that has carried old coins in the past. Results: nada.
Second stop: gas station with overpriced gas. Results: rude drivers cut me off from pump to get their overpriced gas first.
Third stop: Sam's gas because I decided it wasn't worth the cost at previous station. Results: gas $.12 cents cheaper.
Fourth stop: Dairy Queen for mini blizzards. Results: smiles on both our faces after previous fails.
Fifth stop: Goodwill Book Cafe to look for books on coin collecting. Results: locked my keys in the van. And no books on coin collecting.

Yep. Pretty much the fifth stop put an end to our day. The dreaded whirr of the electric door as I reached for the keys not there will not soon be a sound erased from my memory. Frantic I called Husband thinking that although he was over three hours away, certainly he would know some sort of car trick that would pop open the door.

Nada. It was becoming the word of the day.

So then I started calling friends. Guess what? nada. Because it was a beautiful October day and why be at home in comfy clothes, apparently, when there was tons of other stuff to do. Besides, not only was the minivan locked up tight, but the house with the other set of van keys was also locked up tight.

(Do not use the comment section to rail at me about a hidden outside key. Mercy, people, mercy.)

Finally I reached a friend's husband who talked me through some options all of which ended in calling an outrageously priced locksmith to come and pop my door open. (Note: the Chairman had a wallet full of cash that saved the day and a trip to the ATM so perhaps the whole nada coin event was God's preparation for the fail that occurred later.)

Two people never beat it home so quickly to settle back into comfy clothes, popcorn, and a movie. Sometimes the best dates are the ones that happen at home.

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