Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Last week a blessed....

cold front blew in. Whether due to a tropical storm or hurricane that wasn't, those of us here in Boiling Hot, GA, were thankful for the respite.

The cold front is long gone as far as the days' temperatures (back in the 90's), but Fall is beginning to let her presence be known in the mornings at least. I get up before the rest of the chickens around here so I run stumble around opening the windows to get a taste of cool.

And it's a blessed taste. I know that we will still have heat and humidity well into October but September's morning breezes reminds me that eventually the sweating will end. Until it does, I'll enjoy these mornings on the deck where the air brings a welcome shiver of gooseflesh. A reminder that God always brings another season into one's life.


  1. Ah, these sweet September morning breezes. Love 'em!

  2. "...eventually the sweating will end"... I keep telling myself this about menopause.