Thursday, July 28, 2011

The people who "get" me....

are different from the people who think the best of me. And way different from the people who think the worst of me.

People who think the best of you are the ones who will give you the benefit of the doubt when, not if, you do something that they do not completely understand. If they hear a story about you that causes them to scratch their head and wonder, their conclusion almost always is based on past shared knowledge and experience of your character. If you have shown yourself trustworthy with them, then though they don't entirely understand why or what you did, they will think the best of you.

And maybe ask you about it later. They welcome the chance to understand you. One day they might "get" you.

People who "get" you are the ones who know why you did or said something. Questions aren't asked because they can see themselves possibly doing and saying the same. Your thoughts and theirs travel along a similar plane. There is a higher interactive level with these friends. They finish the sentence you can't. Your weird turns of phrase and strange metaphors cause them to giggle because they see the same oddments of life that you do. They hand you the tissue before you ask. They know what you need and when you need it. They have seen your quirks and still accept you. Kindred spirits. Those are the people who "get" you.

The people who "get" me are the ones I go to when I'm struggling or frustrated. They are the ones I want to hear first when listening for a rejoicing response. These are the ones who will laugh at the inside joke even if the outside hasn't been explained.

I think both types of people are needed in relationships today. Those who will think the best of you, because goodness knows, there are plenty to think the worst. But the ones who will hold the dearest spot in my heart for years past and future, are the ones who "get" me.

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