Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend recap...

because it is Monday.

Twenty-one years ago this August, a five year old boy determinedly carried a white satin, lace beribboned pillow bearing two wedding bands, tightly sewn on. He somberly marched down the aisle ahead of his older sister bearing rose petals. He refused to smile, perhaps afraid that such jest would distract him from his sober purpose.

Once in place his left white knee high sock began to inch down towards his ankle. This was unacceptable to the fastidious young man. But he would not dare let go the pillow. Thankfully, he remembered his right foot. Painstakingly he used his right foot to push up that blasted left sock. Video evidence implicates the guilty hosiery and foot. The pillow never budged.

My ringbearer was married this past Saturday in Charleston. I gathered there with my parents and sister for the celebration of his wedding. Still just as fastidious and as determined, but this time wreathed in smiles, he took his bride's hand and pledged his life to hers.

Six years ago I was in Charleston for his sister's wedding, another splendid event. There is nothing for counting time than the growing up of those who you have always thought of as children. To see them take their places as adults in sober life roles, marks my own milestones.

Weddings always remind me of my own vows, my own choices in details and thoughts towards doing it differently. A slider bar with fries in tiny silver pails instead of the shrimp ring? To have stayed longer at the reception for visiting and dancing. To have planned a father daughter dance. Not necessarily changes to the essence, only the details that I notice now but did not think through then.

Good grief, we were young marrieds.

The changes in wedding fashion and formality also intrigue me. Black is now acceptable to wear. A six o'clock wedding does not mean a formal sit down dinner. Photo walls with accessories for the guests to dress out in for candid shots is a West coast transplant. Coozies are wedding tokens.

People still dance like Elaine on Seinfeld. 

What remains timeless though is the seriousness of those pledges before God and witnesses. All society and culture has attacked the truth and will continue to do so. But for the believer, for the redeemed, those vows and covenant remind us tenderly of how Christ has pledged Himself to His Church. Whom He will never forsake. 

Best wishes and much love to the marriage of James and Mary. May God's hand be upon all the days of your lives.


  1. Soon our young bride will be living close to Charleston. How sweet to go to the wedding of your ring bearer! Blessings on the young couple...

  2. Elaine's dancing on Seinfeld? Classic.

    Things I would have done differently? Not stressed over getting twelve place settings of my china pattern (oh, the twists and turns of the exchange process)--china I have never used and now no longer even like. Sigh.