Monday, April 4, 2011

The bandwagon beckons...

or it is that time for Status Reports. Brought to you by the letter "L" as in Lisa Writes.

Sitting.....not, but lying down and typing this. My back still requires a bit of babying in the off and on but especially after a long weekend in the car of driving. But hey, our soccer team won!

Drinking...not anything right now. We only finished lunch a bit ago and we are out of coffee. Emergency trip to the grocery store is on the schedule.

Reading....several things right now and most of them have to do with homeschooling high school. Also reading The Return of the King, aloud, to the boys for our literature study, commentaries on Isaiah, and Love and Friendship by Jane Austen.

Pondering....the many glorious benefits purchased by Christ for my salvation and how these benefits have gladly changed my life.

Pondering....even more so how they should continue to change my life as practically applied in sanctification.

Looking.....forward to my first food co-op run. Bags of oats and wheat and stuff will fill this house by evening. Good thing the boys have muscles. They will be lifting what will be the foundation of their diets over the next several months.

Knowing.....that the next few weeks of finishing Bible study and curriculum will fly like nobody's business.

Wondering....if I'm ready for the previous.

Determining.....that whether or not I'm ready, God is able. So I will be....

Looking.....for His grace in several events and..... He chooses to display His marvelous works.


  1. I love it when another friend turns the corner and starts ordering oats in 50 lb. bags. :-)

  2. Would like to know more about the food co-op.