Wednesday, December 15, 2010

O, naked, nekkid, tree....

is now up and adorning the oddly arranged den. Somehow we managed to fit two couches, an entertainment center, a recliner, a hospital bed and a sweet gum tree transformed into the space. Of course, you have to walk sideways between the tree and the red couch and between the red couch and the Colorado couch, but hey, maybe it will prompt less overeating around the table this year.

The tree was plucked from our backyard sometime after dark on Sunday evening. The boys and Husband headed out with flashlights and an ax to take care of business. Our tree is actually the top out of a sweet gum that Husband had decided to nix in this year's yard pruning. We make "green" look so easy at this time of year. The bottom of the tree still has to be dispatched which will make a perfect job for the next "bored" child.

We remembered to put water in the bottom of the tree holder this year which I hope will keep the branches holding the lights from breaking off as it grows dry and brittle. (Somewhere in there I smell a spiritual illustration but I'll leave it for now to continue the story.) We had that problem last year, a unique difficulty I learned of the naked, nekkid tree movement. A bit startling to all of a sudden hear a snap, crack and then clatter of ornaments that still manage to break upon the carpet.

I then, untypically, let the boys loose upon the tree with beads, balls, and strange frosty ice glittery strands to do their decorating duty. Untypical because of my love/hate relationship with symmetry and asymmetry. But this year I couldn't stand for the length of time necessary to finish the job. I hung a few stars and then retired to my bed to watch it unfold.

End result: beautiful in its naked, nekkid way. The boys love that we have this type of tree. They understand that the money not spent on another type of tree goes to a family who is trying to adopt. They understand that the starkness of the tree still has its special beauty. One day I hope they get the fullness of that truth in thinking of the Cross.

For now, we'll enjoy our naked, nekkid tree.


  1. Sounds like great lessons to learn about life and how things just aren't always predictable. I've always been drawn to Charlie Brown Trees. Blessings...