Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving #27 & #28...

Yesterday was a bit of a blur as the changing of the mom guard occurred. I am thankful my Mom was able to come back to help out this week, but also thankful that Husband's Mom was able to spend Thanksgiving Day with us. She always makes a traditional cranberry salad that is a real favorite of my boys. I am thankful that she makes it because my past efforts have never quite been successful. I like seeing them enjoy eating it.

I am thankful today for a chance to regroup before the week's events hit us. It is time for me to get the boys and myself back on a school schedule. We took the week after my surgery off and some days the week of Thanksgiving also off.  I have kept up with our history read alouds but it is time to go back to a fuller schedule.

Today I will have some time to think through the logistics of those goals without the stress of having it right upon me. I am thankful still for the opportunities that home education have provided us even when life circumstances can be unpredictable.

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  1. Elle, you're still in my prayers, and I hope you're progressing in ability to move around. So thankful for those who have cared for you and your family!