Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thanksgiving #17...

I am thankful for the egg crate cushion that is underneath me. While recovering I am spending a great deal of time lying down. Side to side and on my back. I am a rotisserie chicken. But with an egg crate cushion that keeps my hips from feeling like they are meeting in my middle and having a row with one another over who hurts worst. It is key to keep all body parts in sweet submission to one another during recovery. The part that complains the most is never going to be popular with the rest of us.

I am thankful for the friend who brought it to the house for me. She was also the finder of the shower chair that allowed me to wash off four days of hospital that was beginning to make me yearn for an actual body snatcher sci fi event to keep me from smelling myself anymore. There is nothing like your own shower. I don't care if it is after vacation or hospitalization or simply a long day at work. The comfort of hot water streaming over tired muscles is like plugging in rechargeable batteries. That and girl soap with sweet honey smell and creamy lather that remind you humanity exists in all forms once again.

When life's priorities get smashed down to essentials like a good night's rest and a hot shower, those are the things we become rightfully thankful for and willing to express. How neglectful we are to have walked away from such simplicity just because life seems to exist elsewhere.

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