Monday, October 18, 2010

To each one who has...

in the last few weeks made me feel quite young.

To Anthony, the bagger at Publix who always greets me with a cheery, "Hello, young lady!"

To Pele who told me the other day that I would never have to ask an artist to paint me looking younger (as Isabella d' Este did) because I all ready looked so young.

To the gentleman at church the other day who was surprised that I had recently celebrated my 20th wedding anniversary because I didn't look old enough to have been married 20 years.

To each one, a big thank you because tonight I feel especially old. And tired. I was in bed by 7:30 tonight.

The needs of the day were large, and I felt small to handle them. So, I am ending the day early, thanking God who is not bound by age or appearance or time in any way for always being large enough to handle each and every thing.


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