Monday, August 16, 2010

Socialization is not a problem...

for homeschoolers. Although it is probably my favorite crutch question to answer. With a new school year starting up and people asking if I am still homeschooling and how could I do that and what about socialization. I decided I would have some answers ready.

"So, how are they going to learn to get along with other children?"

1. Well, I'm not trying to raise children to get along with other children. I am trying to raise sons to get along as men in this world too full of men that still act like children.

2. They are learning to get along with other children by having the influence of adult maturity. They have plenty enough of childish immaturity to overcome.

3. When did learning to get along with other children become the end all goal of parenthood?

4. Having friends their age and being friends with others their ages is a goal that can be pursued within homeschool's boundaries. It does not have to be tested in playground bullying or classroom foolishness to be real. Sin and selfishness occur in homeschools too. Learning to respond biblically is not a mutually exclusive enterprise of the world's systems.

5. Testing grounds regarding a homeschooler's response to difficult peer situations occur regularly at church, at sports events, at Boy Scouts, at museums, at homeschool co-ops, on field trips and even in grocery stores. People are everywhere. Trust me, socialization is happening. Our guard is over what type of socialization is happening.

6. Thank you for your concern. You are welcome to come to my house and discuss current events or science or history or Bible with my sons as you test their social abilities. Please stay away from potty talk, booger jokes and bodily function noises. It is part of what we are avoiding.

If you have other suggestions, please weigh in, whether you homeschool or not.


  1. Number one is a slam dunk. Love it!

  2. I love it! I've never understood how people can think that children sitting in a class with 30 kids the same age as them is socialisation anyway. To really socialize our kids we need to teach them how to act maturely in many social environments, and you are right - the goal is to end up with mature adutls!

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  3. I like number two. :-) (And my kids go to public school.)

  4. Hey wait, it was #1 I particularly liked. Okay, I will stop hijacking your comments now. (It's been a long day.) :-)