Monday, August 30, 2010

Of memory and calendars...

or of lack of memory when it comes to calendars.

The last couple of weeks have had their challenges when it comes to remembering what is on the calendar for when and where. I'd like to think that it is someone else's fault because then I wouldn't have to confess my error and change my ways.

I know that is the easier thing to do.

The truth though is stark. I am especially busy these days by my own answers of "yes" to the ever present question, "Will you and can you?" so that the challenge of keeping up with activities and events is one requiring highlighting pens and multi-colored post it notes to keep things in order.

Husband and I experience about two seasons a year of this type of sun, moon and stars collision where everything happens in the sheer skinny space of a month. It is the time to gaze into each other's eyes, clasping each other's faces and saying together, "No matter what happens in the next month, I love you and I am committed to this marriage."

Simply because what can and does happen when the sun, moon and stars plus the boys and ourselves are running in 11 different directions can not only test how love is exercised but how commitment to priorities is shown.

There is a time for busy. But it is not every day of the week. Learning to pare down is an essential for a healthy family life. Choices of our past few years have been generally on the path of kicking out the non-essentials and choosing the better things. Now the only person running our schedule is the us persons. We have benefited from the changes and right choices.

Which is why when it gets crazy, when we start forgetting what we said we would do, when we miss where we are supposed to be, when we are frustrated, the answer is not to blame others but to own up to personal responsibility and make right changes.

And then the sun, moon and stars exist in their right places, everyone gets to bed on time, and love and commitment have their right exercise.

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