Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thankful Thursday...

is today.

Thankful the antibiotics for the Chairman's strep throatitis were free. Score!

Thankful the Chairman is feeling supremely better. Abx rock!

Thankful my curriculum shopping list is nearly complete. And tomorrow I think tank with some of the homeschooling moms I most respect for last minute touches. Can.Not.Wait.

Thankful that the older two boys have showed great incentive of their own fashion in benefiting our family this week. They are a real blessing!

Thankful that promises are kept. That when God says it, He means it. That I do not ever have to worry that His word is not perfect.

Thankful that His word is bearing fruit in the lives of many women I know and love. It is a privilege beyond a post like this to witness effective lives of saving faith. Sacrifice that costs has become their prayer. Humbling.

Thankful that joy abides whether happiness happens.

Thankful for new favorite music on my iTunes. Rocking while writing. I need a lighter.


  1. Do I get to see the list? Or is it top secret, filed in a vault somewhere?

  2. Lighters are so 80's. Now you use your iPhone with a little flame app! (There's an app for that!)

  3. So glad the Chairman is recovering so rapidly!

  4. Thankful too that God's promises are everlastingly true and will unfailingly come to pass. That very thought has been a real encouragement lately.

    Also glad that son Chairman is well on the mend!

  5. Much to be grateful for!

    And your new favorite music? Inquiring minds want to know!