Thursday, March 4, 2010

I only laid down for a minute...

but slept for over an hour. Apparently my body declared it naptime. Conscious decision making, phone calls that needed to be made, the errand that needed to be run, the thoughts of having a play date, all swept away by the one choice to just lay down for a minute.

Resting my eyes became drooling on my arm. Whew.

I told the boys to do their hour of reading, then pick a movie and I would make popcorn. That's when the can-not-keep-my-eyes-open sensation hit me. During their hour of reading, I was working on my own. Zonkers. Over. Out.

Chairman came bounding down to say, "Mom, we've finished our reading." I think I mumbled, "Pick your movie."

Chess came to say, "Mom, are you going to make popcorn?" I know I growled, "Not right now."

Then the dream began that I asked them what they had picked. Mr. Holland's Opus.

Wait a minute. Good movie but not exactly for the 12 and under set. My fatigued brain argued with my dreaming brain. We don't even own Mr. Holland's Opus. Are you sure? Yes. I'm sure. I'll sleep just another minute then.

And then the cat crawled on top of me. That's like a sleeping pill on top of an Advil PM. Something in their breathing synchronizes with your own, and you're easily out another 24 minutes.

Finally, drool brought me to consciousness. And I quickly went upstairs to check on Mr. Holland's Opus.

Nope. They're watching UP. Whew.

And I made popcorn.

The end.


  1. I did the same thing this afternoon!! Sat down to read while my daughter had her quiet play time...and then the cat curled up in my lap...and I was out! :)

  2. I've been a victim of the "I'm only going to lay down for a minute" syndrome myself. But I'm way past worrying about what movie Emily is watching...hehe.

  3. You've heard of 'The Accidental Tourist?' Well, I'm the accidental napper. If I sit down too long, I frequently fall asleep and take a short, unscheduled nap. Good thing my phone has an alarm on it or I'd sleep through important things!