Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It is always curious...

to me to realize what the boys think about being homeschooled. As parents greatly invested in this lifestyle, we naturally want the boys to love it, to thrive in their learning atmosphere, and to demonstrate a positive reflection when others ask.

This week I had to take the boys to a friend's house to work on their schoolwork while I taught a class. The night before was spent finding backpacks and filling them with their assignments and notebooks. The next morning as we finished up the packing, the boys were grumbling about the heavy backpacks.

Husband and I quickly jumped in to say that if they went to traditional school, they would have to lug those backpacks around every single day. The two older boys replied how glad they were for their crates (our storage unit choice for homeschool materials).

My youngest son jumped in with the comment, "Yes. I'm so glad that we don't go to school."

I said to Husband, "Did you hear that? He thinks he doesn't go to school." Me, thinking of all the time spent picking curriculum, writing lesson plans, checking schoolwork--you know, the whole going to school part.

Husband: "I'm so glad he thinks that he doesn't go to school."

Maybe some of the learning to love learning lessons are finally sinking in as lifestyle choice for the boys as well. I sure hope so because we really like the whole not going to school choice we have made.

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