Monday, November 30, 2009

Thankful for laundry...

and leftovers. Another odd combination I realize but hey, you're reading this blog after all. Odd is part of my offering.

Laundry is not usually something that I am thankful to have in the house. With three boys and Husband whose job is mostly outdoors, the laundry is often and stinky and often stinky and stinkily often. But this week's laundry is full of towels and sheets from some friends who were able to visit with us over Thanksgiving week. We had not seen them in a year plus and it was nothing but delight to see how God has blessed them, to see their adorable little boy, to see the fruit of godliness in their marriage and child training. It was an in-house, literally, picture of God's immense faithfulness to His people.

In doing their laundry today I am reminded of, and thankful for, the gift of friends that are always friends even when distance and time have separated us for awhile.

And the leftovers. Mmmm, mmmm. One of the greatest things about Thanksgiving turkey is the carcass that results after the feast. Years ago, serendipitous circumstances collided with my pantry to produce an amazing Turkey Soup. Over the years, this recipe has morphed into a hands down family favorite that is looked forward to with salivating that rivals the first eating of the turkey. Even though my sister and mom were in charge of the turkey first time, I received the carcass with pleasure and it is in my stock pot right now melding and consummating into fabulous Turkey Soup.

Leftovers remind me of the great week that has gone before and as we thankfully slurp our Turkey Soup tonight, we will once again praise the Lord from Whom all blessings flow.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this Month of Thankfulness sponsored by Rebecca Writes. I hope that you will continue to consider the many gifts of God to His people. As the next month of celebration for the Savior's birth comes into view, may the thankfulness that has gone before be that much greater for the promise found in Him alone.


  1. Happy late Thanksgiving, Elle!

    We too have a family tradition: turkey sour cream/green sauce enchiladas, make with loving care with the leftover turkey meat. This year, we received a smoked turkey as a gift in the mail, and those enchiladas were even MORE savory!

    Our Lord is so creative in the ways He can bless us!

    So, here's to turkey leftovers!!!

    Blessings to you and your family,


  2. One more reason I want to host Thanksgiving at my house next year....I miss having the leftovers! Would you consider sharing your soup recipe? Or is it a family secret?

  3. Mmm! I'm not sure that I've ever had a turkey soup that I did not like but yours sounds extra special!

  4. I admit I don't ever remember being thankful for laundry (the most dreaded and avoided task at 8 Pomeroy Ave.)

    However, we are commanded to be thankful in ALL things, so I guess I better find a way to be thankful for it!!

  5. Are you sure you weren't overwhelmed by the smell of dryer sheets? Laundry? I'm with you on the good friends for sure, but laundry?

    I'm DEFINITELY with you on the leftovers, especially the soup! This year we got THREE carcasses (two turkeys were for charity dinners) and a lamb shank AND a ham bone. Soup, Soup, Soup!

    So glad you had a great holiday, I've really enjoyed reading your thankful posts. I'm kind of sorry they are over.

  6. I actually like doing my family's laundry. Other people's, (as at the lodge) not so much.

    And speaking of soup, are you going to host your Soup Extravaganza or whatever you called it? I'm in, if you do it!