Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thankful for home study...

for home education, and for homeschooling. It is the gift that I never thought I would give, let alone receive, but it has been a delightful time of opening the packages of my sons' love of learning.

Home study to me is where life skills are learned, habits are discussed and talents are shaped. This happens in the basement work room where a guinea pig palace is measured, cut and nailed together. Perimeter and angles actually mean something in that exercise. The exactness of an inch versus a half inch realizes a true consequence. Not a red mark needed. This happens in the kitchen with measurements for making cookies and division for fair splitting of the bounty are hot topics to figure out. No nagging with that type of math.

Home education to me is where academics are rooted. The basics of a period, comma and verbal or the language rules of Spanish. The timelines of history and the geography of Lee's last victory. This is the place where nuts and bolts worksheets and workbooks do exist. A whiteboard features sentence diagrams, or the difference between a comet and asteroid, but this is not playing school at home. Because home education also happens around a kitchen table where WWII is re-strategized and on the couch where Bud and Me are heroes and in the yard with a telescope where Jupiter is found. Firm foundations will lead to strong towers.

Homeschooling to me is where a Biblical worldview is the filter grid for the other two. It is where virtues are discussed and character is built as real life examples of righteousness and unrighteousness exist in our real lives. Repentance between brothers, between parents, between family members takes on life in the "I apologize." Love has legs in the brother that helps another, in the son that honors Mom and respects Dad. Compassion has arms as letters of encouragement are written to those who are struggling and prayers are offered for those who are hurting.

I am thankful for home study, for home education and for homeschooling.

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  1. What you write points out the importance of home instruction regardless of whether children are home schooled or attend public/private school.