Friday, November 20, 2009

Thankful for field trips...

with homeschooling groups. I'm only writing this post to assure all of those who worry about the proper socialization skills of homeschooled kids.

Trust me. We get socialized.

Picture 11 cars caravanning with anywhere from two to five kids plus parents for about 45 minutes to a farm where they join eight buses of kids from private and public schools. As I said, we get socialized.

This particular field trip we took yesterday with our homeschool group is one of our favorites because it combines educational aspects with pure-tee fun. That and the moms do not have to do one iota of planning. We just stand around and console each other with curriculum stories in a mass therapy session.

It was a gorgeous day for a field trip. The kids were well-behaved. Mostly. And even with all the crowd of so many kids, everyone pretty much got to do all they wanted to do.

Very early on I found out with homeschooling that you can be as busy and busier than you are with traditional school. It is still about making choices regarding how many activities you are going to participate in, solo or with a group. Some weeks, we do too much. Some weeks, not enough. But the activities are there for the taking. A mom has to choose balance.

I am thankful for field trips.

This post is part of Rebecca Writes Month of Thankfulness.

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