Wednesday, October 21, 2009

State of thinking...

these days and trying to finish my thoughts yields the following:

• A blue gel pen left in a shirt pocket will ruin the new comfy shirt, the super cute tank top, and spot the brand new jeans but will not mar in the least the clothes belonging to the owner of the blue gel pen. A laundry mishap may have been the inspiration behind karma.

• It turns cold around here for a few days and we're all hauling out wool blankets, mink* blankets, fleece blankets and acting like a bunch of thin-blooded Southerners. Oh wait, we are thin-blooded Southerners.

• Seriously though, this colder weather is much appreciated by the parent portion of the Complete Thought household. The hot beverage cabinet is getting a full work out.

• With cold weather comes a digging through of cookbooks and online search for the latest, greatest, yummiest soup recipes. The crock pot works during the summer about once a week. Fall and winter have it in full-time action. You'll hear it crying for mercy while holding beef stew, lasagna, chicken dumpling soup, 15 bean soup, chicken tortilla soup, beef vegetable soup, and the list goes on. Anyone interested in participating in an Ode to Fall Soup Recipe Carnival?

• Studying John this year has been exactly what I needed. God's Word always is. This study is affording me the most intimate view of Christ I think I've ever had. How gracious that the Lord is always unveiling new layers of meaning found in His redemptive work towards fallen man.

• My older two sons returned to soccer play this fall with Husband as coach. It has been an interesting dynamic in their relationship as he takes an official position towards their potential. No one is excluded from push ups on the field if inattention is the issue. Our boys have some home practice on that field. Saturdays are once again family events of packing up picnics and cheering from the sideline. I am That Soccer Mom and love it.

• After a summer of van issues, mechanical and electrical, the Starship Odyssey is back in the garage. We were able to retain all limbs and children and no additional mortgage was needed on the house either. There were some challenging transportation days but it all worked to remind us of time and money priorities. The van's future as a family member is still in some question, namely the reliability one, but we, mostly me, are trying to put it before the Lord and await His provision.

• Word count just hit 418, and counting. Must close this out or it counts as a real post!

*Mink is only the name of the type of blanket, from Korea, not the actual fabric content.


  1. Oh, I love those Korean mink blankets!

    And yes! I'm interested in your "Ode to Fall Soup Recipe Carnival." What could be better than a nice hot bowl of soup on a cool fall evening! I'm always keeping an eye out for new varieties to try!

  2. I'm in on the soup carnival!

    I didn't realize you were a fellow Ody owner! How did I miss that? Now I'm praying for THREE Odys. Yours, Mine and (probably most of all) the one I gave away. On the drive to the new owners house, I continuously prayed asking God to bless that van for a long, Long, LONG time.

  3. I would love to do the Soup Carnival!

  4. Although I'm no longer a blogger, I am most definitely a soup eater. Please do the Soup Carnival! I'd be happy to leave a recipe in the comments.