Friday, September 25, 2009

The Bible study I attend...

is working through John right now. I have never studied John this intensively and am finding the book absolutely all that it's touted to be.

Augustine said about the book of John, "So shallow that a child could not drown, but so deep that an elephant could swim." I can fit both cases depending on the day and state of mind.

I love most how the layers of meaning are expressed in John's writing. When he writes about who Jesus is, he ties in the Old Testament prophecies and words that would have ignited the hearts of a Jewish audience. When he writes about the seven signs that Jesus performed, he goes further to explain the spiritual teaching and significance of each. So that the reader is not content to only look at the sign and say, "Wow," but to look further for how the sign still relates to life at hand. And each one does.

The tenderest expressions are in John's writing as his love for his Savior pours forth. And he is a witness in himself of the power of a transformed life because of an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

I'm really looking forward to the treasures of John. While no season of life has previously afforded me the opportunity to study, I thank God for the providence of His timing in this season.


  1. I remember doing the Precept study of John's gospel some years ago. It took a little over 30 weeks to complete and was one of the most incredible times of study in my life.

  2. My pastor is preaching through John--an incredibly rich, amazingly glorious series of sermons. We have seen His glory, the glory of the one and only!