Monday, August 17, 2009

My purse is overweight...

according to John Tesh and his information for life. His trivia dribble (can you tell I'm not a fan) makes me feel like I'm listening to almanac readings interspersed with Muzack of the 80's. This particular dripping cited that according to People Who Do Studies On Inanities Like Women's Purse Sizes, a woman's purse should not weigh more than five pounds. Or she risks back injury.

Um, do you think the panel had any real women on it? Real women with actual purses? Have they seen the size of purses these days? They're like small carry on luggage. Some of which would not fit under your airplane seat.

And just what is filling these purses? A whole bunch of stuff apparently.

Here is a list of the contents of my purse for my outing today: cell phone in gadget case, calendar, checkbook, wallet, sunglasses in case, four tissues, two pens, pack of gum, small bottle of water, car keys, grocery list, lipstick, and three-fourths bag of Skittles.

And I used every one of those things in my purse. Truth be told, I have never been a real purse person. In high school I loaded everything into a backpack. Carrying a purse was just an extra thing. The purse I did carry for a while was stolen, and I went back to the backpack.

Married life before children was a hand me down purse from my Mom. And once a Mom myself, any purse I carried looked much like a diaper bag. Oh, I jest, it was a diaper bag! And then there's that awkward transition period when a full sized diaper bag isn't necessary so a purse re-enters the picture but is tasked with diaper bag stuff. Most purses need therapy after that period of their lives.

And while some women are shoe hounds (my sister) and some women are purse hounds, I am neither, though I have dabbled at being both. I just can't economically or emotionally sustain the effort it takes. I get aggravated at all the changing from one purse to the next because of my shoe color.

I'm a brainwashed Southerner apparently.

Since my own back injury, I have had to make several adjustments with what type of purse I carry and what stuff I carry in it. I am still working to silence the voices that tell me, "You'll need that box of handi-wipes just as soon as you leave it home." No such fortune this day, obviously. And John Tesh of all people rebuked me.

While at Wal-world the other day, some chicken I had bought was leaking onto the conveyor belt. The cashier handed me a plastic bag for the package and the woman in front of me pulled a roll of paper towels out of her purse so I could wipe up the mess. Now that's prepared. I don't feel so bad about the handi-wipes.

Entertain me as to the veracity of Tesh's stats, what type/size of purse do you carry? And what's in it these days?


  1. Hey according to the show "What Not to Wear" with Clinton and Stacy (I think her name is Stacy but maybe not) Anyway they advise that you don't match your purse to your shoes! The last purse I bought cost me $1.49 at Goodwill and my daughter is using it and enjoying it :0) I've been dragging a green purse around for months...

  2. Wallet. Sunglasses. Various shades of lipgloss, plus my favorite chapstick. Epipen for son. Asthma inhaler for me. Business cards for my non-existent business. And probably a lone diaper. And a baby spoon. And maybe a jar of baby food. Never can tell. Oh, and my cell phone lives there when I leave the house.

    I like mine pretty small. My biggest issue is I don't have time to close the purse up, so it needs to be deep enough not to dump out enough every time I turn it on its side. Which I do often. I like them with long straps, because I have no shoulders and they have a better chance of staying put with a long strap.

    I buy a new purse once a year or so. My husband doesn't understand, but he knows I can't help it. It's a girl thing and he shouldn't question me. I like the Kavu bags, b/c they're fun and practical.

    Gee, I should have just written my own blog post for all the over-sharing that I just did.

  3. Well, I don't have paper towels in there...but, I do have quite a bit! :) Here:

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  5. I saw a purse at Target a few weeks ago that I seriously could have scooped my 5 year old into and let her ride.

    You know, if it wasn't bad for my back and all.

  6. I loathe purses and am seriously considering going barefoot. I'm a mom of a three year old, so I'm of no help. Sorry.

  7. I am a reformed carrier of the large purse/bag. More often than not, I carry a handy little wallet deal with a pouch for my cell phone and a wristlet that I hook my keys to. I love it.