Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Monday...

to you!

If your day is at hot as the one we're having here in High Humidityville, I certainly hope that a cool pool is in your plans.

If your day is full of life's littles and their needs, I certainly hope that time in the Word first filled you up to meet their needs.

If your day is reeling with life's troubles, I certainly hope that you will see God in His providence cherishing you as His child and keeping His everlasting arms beneath you.

If your day is simply a day, then I certainly hope that it is one you choose to live fully grateful to God for His many gifts.

Happy Monday.


  1. My Monday has been spent nursing the third member of our family to catch the stomach flu so this post was a nice reminder that this will pass and I can look forward to "simply a day" soon!