Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday update...

1) We're just back from our Georgia Homeschool Convention. This was our third year to attend. The first year I was a wild-eyed doe in headlights. A friend took me around by the hand and shoved stuff into my overly large suitcase with the order to purchase. She didn't lead me wrong.

The second year I was recovering from back surgery and wore a brace the whole day. I was a mildly sedated, slow paced, shuffling mom with a plan but not a lot of stamina. I shoved stuff at Husband who placed it into the more moderately sized suitcase with the order to purchase. I didn't hold up to being able to attend the second day, but the Lord kept it from being wrong.

This year, Husband and I went with a master curriculum fair battle plan, and we were both shoving stuff into the same suitcase as last year because it worked. We accomplished all the real shopping within an hour. We were wildly energetic and excited about how the Lord has blessed us in this lean year to still accomplish our homeschooling goals. We held the hands of some other friends and prayed fervently that we wouldn't lead them wrong.

And we got to attend the second day of talks. Thoroughly satisfying!

2) I'm a real blogger now. I accosted Lora Lynn from vita familiae at the conference. I had zoomed past this lady with baby in sling and her husband beside her with stroller and practically swallowed my gum thinking, "That is Lora Lynn! I read her blog. We're both real!" Thinking that since she's always looking for the blogworthy thing to post, what could be better than to hear from a blog stalker at a homeschool convention. I mean, priceless blog stuff right there.

And my next thought was that if I've read the vomit stories, then I couldn't possibly embarrass her by introducing myself. So I backed up and asked, "Are you Lora Lynn and Andrew?" She was startled but politely said, "Yes." I told her that I read her blog and couldn't pass the chance to provide her with material.

We had a good laugh over the absurdities of blogging and real life and the continuous intertwining of the two. She and Andrew are as real and personable as she portrays in her writing. Willa is all sweetness and light, even when very sleepy. It was a homeschool convention highlight. And blogworthy to me as well.

3) We learned a great deal at the conference about motivating boys and teaching writing from Andrew Pudewa, issues for protecting the purity of your sons from Rebecca Powell, the import of critical thinking strategies from Tom Clark, and how to protect the future of homeschooling from Mike Smith.

My other favorite exhibitor was Analytical Grammar, authors Robin Finley and daughter, Erin Karl. They were funny and informative.

So, now re-energized for this call on our lives of teaching our sons, it's time to unpack the curriculum and start again.


  1. It was such a pleasure to meet you for real! Surreal, but a pleasure! And I totally can't wait to blog about it tomorrow night. :-)

  2. I'm so glad you had a great time at the convention... we're heading to ours in 3 weeks and I can't wait! The hubby and I splurged on a hotel room for 2 nights and my parents will have the kids. The Economides (the cheapest family in America) will be there giving money saving tips so I'll be their #1 groupie.

  3. Hey there,

    Thanks for the shout-out! I plan to get back to my own blog sometime in the near future. Glad you enjoyed the fair!

    Have a great day!