Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Busy days remind me...

of how thankful I am for life.

Make school planner copies at Husband's office. Done.

Doctor's visit. Done.

Quick grocery store trip. Done.

Birthday party with friends. Done.

Swimming party with friends. Done.

Cookout with friends. Done.

Each event reminded me of life, of things passing away, of things being reconnected, and even of the things that are eternal. I found myself reflecting in the busyness how gracious the Lord is being to us right now in many areas, even while requiring a time of affliction in our lives.

This is how He works, bringing both the pain and passion to brightest light, completely diminished in the greater light of His glory to continue to condescend with us in the dailyness of life.

His mercies are neverending. His requirements continually high. His forgiveness ever available. His holiness utterly present.

Leaving me with the knowledge that each day lived before His face is the best of days.


  1. Amen! I had a amazingly productive day yesterday, and I was heavy with the same thought. "Thank you, Lord, for this body that functions. Thank you for a family I can serve. Thank you for the sunshine. Thank you for your grace."

  2. And in the midst of it all He manages to shape some really lumpy, lint covered, crusty in some places clay more into His image. Amazing!