Sunday, February 22, 2009

Overwhelming details of the last week...

had me in a tailspin by Friday night. To the point that my dreams were full of craziness. I woke up mad at Husband because in my ridiculous dream he had invited 10 people over for Sunday lunch and wanted me to fix guacamole.

Blech! I hate guacamole!

Fortunately, Husband knows well how to deal with the crazy wife. He simply listened and allowed me to spin off to tackle the list of things that were threatening my sanity balance.

And, he told me that no way does he ever want me to fix guacamole. He hates it too.

What a man!


  1. What is it with crazy dreams. Sometimes I wonder if it's a way for God to reveal some craziness in us that we still need to bring under the Spirit's control. Blech I hate crazy dreams but I really love Guacamole :0)

  2. I have dreams like that, too! I hate when I wake up mad at my husband for something he does in my dream that doesn't even match his character in real life! But I do like guacamole.....