Wednesday, December 24, 2008

20 Little Things to...

Treasure at Christmas is a list over at Melissa's Inspired Room. I recently discovered her blog and thought, "Hey, I could use some inspiration." Particularly as I mull over what to include back into our Christmas celebrations and what to leave out. A list of what I treasure was a good place to start my mulling.

Here's my list of 20 Little Things to Treasure at Christmas:

1. Thumbprint Butter Cookies filled with Red Raspberry preserves in the thumbprints of my boys.
2. Seeing Chess take great delight in setting up one of our Nativity scenes.
3. Having Insta-Christmas in the form of a borrowed pre-lighted tree. We couldn't manage a live tree this year and a friend generously donated her extra tree. Now our presents have a home.
4. Seeing the boys make ornaments out of twist-ties, wiki sticks, paper and tape until I found the ornaments for the tree.
5. Receiving a gift certificate for a honey baked ham which will feed my family plus this Christmas.
6. My surprise present from Husband.
7. Having two nights cold enough to have a fire after days of above average warm weather.
8. Jamming to Trans-Siberian Orchestra's The Lost Christmas Eve in the car with the boys. Chess is the bass guitar, Pele is the electric guitar, Chairman is the drums, and I am the bells and piano. We rock.
9. Actually managing to send out a Christmas picture and letter to dear friends.
10. Sleeping in these days of resting from the usual.
11. Seeing the boys exercise a sweet generosity towards one another with handmade, homemade gifts.
12. Hearing the boys giggle over the Christmas classic specials.
13. Knowing that Christmas Eve will be spent with family.
14. Preparing for a special yummy Christmas breakfast.
15. Hearing the boys belt out Christmas hymns in their rooms during "quiet time."
16. Lights and candles. They seem to glow more brightly at Christmas.
17. Reading through Hebrews and understanding the fullest reason of why Christmas is.
18. Having Husband home more during the days.
19. Enjoying a unique Christmas party at the Ronald McDonald House with those families and volunteers.
20. Christmas linens.

Hope your list of Christmas Treasures is at least 20 long.

To God be the Glory for His gracious and merciful gift of the Son!  Merry Christmas!


  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Elle!

  2. Merry belated Christmas to you, friend!

  3. This is such a great post. I know Christmas was great! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!