Monday, October 13, 2008

More than once...

I have told Husband that if we lived during Old Testament times, our family would find itself almost always outside the tents because of some skin issue or another. I can envision it now, dragging the three boys to the priests yet again for head to toe and crevices examination.

Honestly, when I allowed myself to think about the difficulties of motherhood, constant skin somethings or others didn't enter my thinking. I didn't have skin issues as a child. Puberty brought oil and pimples but hey, we had Noxema® for all that.

But with every boy that has come into our family, there has been a new challenge of eczema, dry skin, scaly itchy skin, and sensitive ashy skin as usual fare. Add to that the warts, poison ivy allergies, mosquito bite & fire ant reactions, infected scrapes, and general other skin challenges, and I begin to have my own skin reactions. I have considered buying stock in Aveeno® and or Quaker® oatmeal plus a hefty investment into hydrocortisone companies.

While some of the usual skin flaring has calmed down as the boys have grown older, cooler weather still reawakens the extreme itchiness of dry skin plus now the chapped lips, oy vey! So when I saw the cool giveaway at Everyday Mommy's, I knew most definitely I am entering that.

It's a giveaway for Kiss My Face® products. Products that are gentle and chemical free but still clean the normal stinkiness of boys. Anything I can do to encourage these guys into the promotion of personal hygiene--well, I'm up for that.

Go visit at Everyday Mommy's and enter the giveaway.

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