Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A regular wildlife kingdom...

has been here at our house lately--and I'm not talking about the three boys. Husband has worked very hard to create a savanna type plain out behind our house in reclaiming it from the wilds of overgrown underbrush shrub stuff and scraggly tree things.

Disclaimer: I haven't a whit of horticultural knowledge at all. To me a tree is green unless it's Fall, and flowers are pretty, even when they're on weeds. Please do not look to this post as informative in any way on what type of plants are out there.

Anyway, the other day a doe, a yearling, and a fawn with the white spots and everything spent 30 minutes browsing our yard, gobbling up mushrooms and weeds. Husband stood at the window calling out encouragement for their dietary choices.

Later that afternoon, two house wrens managed to get themselves trapped in our screened in porch. I propped the door open and tried to usher them out--politely, of course. When they chose to ignore my ushering, flight attendant fingers and all that, I just reminded them that I was leaving the door open for their soonest exit.

Much later that night, apparently the two house wrens not only decided to leave but also thought it would be fun to broadcast that the screened in porch door was open for any interested wildlife. Two raccoons couldn't resist the invite, and so didn't.

A very loud thump on the porch alerted us to their presence. While dreams of house invasion dashed through my head, husband calmly flipped the light on to see the more industrious of the two making off with a bag of nuts and grains intended for the bird feeder. He had managed to open the plastic trashcan containing the bird seed, pull it out and get it to at least the top step--before BUSTED!

What was particularly funny about his audacity was that even while we stood there and watched him, he crept back up the stairs and reeeeeeeeaaaaaached out to try and snag it. The second raccoon was obviously hollering instructions from the yard.

All very stimulating for a day of wildlife kingdom here on the savanna. Now we just need some wild turkeys.

Oh yes, have those--three boys.


  1. Racoons are so funny. They are bold and unrepentant. They'll be back . . .

  2. Oh yeah, they'll be baaack. We had one tear through the screen of an open window, eat a very messy breakfast, and--thankfully--exit. It tore some siding off the house, trying to get in. It was a terrible nuisance until we finally had to trap it and assist it into raccoon eternity. Keep an eye on those guys!

  3. L.O.L.
    I could see that racoons hand reaching...
    duh, I left my l car garage door open about 6 inches to get a cross current in the condo and a black cat walked into my kitchen. Does that count as wildlife?