Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Happy July 4th!

May your burgers be grilled and not hit the ground,
May your hotdogs be done but not over browned.
May the salads be crisp and the iced tea so sweet,
that your smile extends to each one you greet.
May the weather be just right, even tho' sticky or hot,
May the crowd you enjoy be just the right lot.

May you remember with awe the sacrifice of years past
that has given us freedom from then till the last.
But to God goes the glory who ordains in the nations
that repentant hearts establish foundations
to being living stones in a kingdom of glory,
not only citizens of an independence story.

For the chiefest salvation is to serve Christ the Lord
in all manner and thought, each deed and each word.
His life shed in blood on a Calvary cross,
manifested grace of the highest cost.
From slavery to sin He has freed His sheep,
of tender mercy He perseveres in us to keep.

While freedom from George was quite highly sought,
true mercy's received by the one who has thought,
to cleave to a covenant sealed by His Name
and submit to His Word, a quickening flame.
To be independent, to be truly free,
answer the one who says, Come unto me!


  1. This is wonderful! Did you write it?

    Happy 4th!

  2. Beautiful. I can't say thank you enough to our men and women in arms. But it is because of Jesus that we are free indeed. You don't have to live in America, blessed as we are, to celebrate that Independence Day.

  3. And so you're a poet as well! Great thoughts as we celebrate our freedom!

    P.S. I like my hot dogs overbrowned...blackened in fact!