Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Seeking one jet-setter, please...

and I found her over at Above the Clouds, Lana G. We met through the blog carnival Chilihead hosted a while back, and I've thoroughly enjoyed her company since.

She wrote a very funny post the other day about the top ten ways you know you fly too much. I was greatly impressed at how much she flies because honestly, as I've gotten older I've acquired the whole big chicken phobia about flying. Years ago, I had a baaaad experience on a puddle jumper sitting at the very back inhaling and upchucking diesel fumes for 28 minutes of not in Abraham's bosom. Since then, I literally clench my teeth and sweat when the thought of flying comes around.

Of course, all the other travail of travel such as packing, airport security post 9/11, and airports in general really make me just want to wear pajamas and suck my thumb. It maketh me tenseth.

So shamelessly agog at her travel expertise I asked Lana G. to please, pretty please, dispense her top 10 travel tips. She has done so in a more than marvelous fashion, and I'm actually now excited at putting her tips into action for my upcoming cross 1/2 the country flight.

She's got the tips on packing, going through the security tunnels, what not to take with you (ie. water), what to take with you, and so on. If you've got any flying to do this summer, her post is certainly a must read.

To Lana G., you are my heroine of the skies! Thank you, flying friend, for encouraging me to shoot above the clouds!


  1. Elle, my goodness, I'm flattered beyond words! My pleasure in providing this info for you! I do need to add one more bit of advise!

    DOUBLE UPDATE! Any liquids you plan to pack in your checked bag should be in a ZIPLOCK BAGGY as well. Gallon and Quart sized baggies are our FRIENDS! They also save you from leaky mishaps!

    Have a fantastic time! Flying experiences make great blogging experiences!! Oh the stories I can tell ;)

  2. Lana is the flying guru. Here's my early, pick your seat as close to the front as possible and for me on the aisle so I can get out to the potty easily. I like the front of the plane because you get served first and get off the plane earlier than the rear of the plane. Enjoy your flight!

  3. Thanks for this link -- travel maketh me tenseth very much, too!

  4. I too will be flying in the near future and I too am grateful for Lana's tips!