Monday, June 4, 2007

Calling all book orders...

that have recently been placed by one resident of this home, and authoress of this blog. Take note that having a summer upon her hands and head with some, though not copious amounts, of the rare and precious commodity heretofore known as "free time," and also thereby having a long and lofty list of must-read books on it, I find it imperative at this point to remind such book distributors as Monergism, Westminster, and Amazon that in order for this customer of aforesaid establishments to 1) be satisfied, 2) be returning, and 3) be READING, that circumstances most definitely require the prompt, nay speedy, delivery of all numerous delightful and ordered almost three weeks ago, books.

Or in other words, Puh-leeze send me MY BOOKS!

The one currently not reading her new books

1 comment:

  1. You'll be delighted to learn that my Boice commentaries on Romans came yesterday, so yours will be arriving soon!

    Which is imperative because summer is for reading, you know!

    ; )