Thursday, May 24, 2007

Oh my goodness, it has happened...

I have rebelled yet again at the status quo of family tradition.  Not some wild piercing, not some funky tattoo, not even an unusual occupation, but I have become....well, let me explain myself first.

My husband has always, always, always owned Fords.  He had two different Ford Mustangs before we married.  We had a Ford Bronco II when we married. And in the almost 17 years, we've owned three Ford trucks of various model and color, a Ford Escort wagon and a Mercury Sable--still part of the Ford lineage.  We are a Ford Family.  We do not even glance at Chevys or Dodges, and cataclysmic events occur in other parts of the world if we so much as consider a *foreign* car.

So when I became enamored of the minivan, he looked at Fords, and I looked at Hondas--gasp!  Well, it finally came down to the fact that I was greatly pregnant with third child, wildly hormonal and completely transparent in numerous reminders that I would be driving the vehicle with three boys inside.  He relented and the status quo quivered, jiggled, and shimmied but equilibrium was contained.

Fast forward to now.  My husband has always, always, always owned PCs--Hewlett Packard, Dell, Gateway, IBM and so on but always, always PCs.  He currently has three PCs at work and we have two at home, one as a game computer for those three boys who ride in the Honda, and one laptop, underneath my fingers currently.  The idea of a Mac was a complete revolt to the family tradition.

However, the amount of time I spend on the computer with study, research, blogging, and in homeschooling resources has created a lack of time for husband on his PC.  So, having previously established a precedent of shaking the status quo, it has happened again.

I have become the excited owner of a MacBook.  Wow!  It's out there in internet print.  Take notice and heed, for the banns must be published for this new union.  I'm a little apprehensive about going out with the quirky cute guy when I've been quite comfortable for years with the funny pudgy fellow. There will be new habits to learn, old ones to unlearn, new programs to explore and a comfort level upturned for a while.  But the status quo must be quivered, jiggled and shimmied again until equilibrium returns.

In the meanwhile, wheeeeee!

Updated to add: I've had the MacBook in my hot little hands for almost 24 hours--not consistently of course, but I'm certainly beginning to enjoy it. The learning curve for this non-techno is a steep one, but I understand that I have fairly good tech support available from all the Mac loving fanatics I know. Feel free to include your number one Mac tip in the comments. I could use all the help I can get. Otherwise the quirky cute guy is going to slap himself in the head for a successful marketing campaign that resulted in my purchase! Thanks in advance!


  1. Oh, Elle! Now we can be not only friends, but Techno-Sisters! My MacBook and I are all aquiver with excitement! My DH, Gadget Man, took a second job at the Apple Store in the mall mostly to get paid for doing what he was doing on the weekends anyway: standing in the Apple Store and talk to anyone who'd hold still long enough about Apples, Macs and all manners of Appledy-Macness.

    Someday, we should video chat!

  2. Uh oh...she has taken a bite of the Apple! And, I fear that I'm an accessory to this shift in the universe. But, we must all grow up and use real computers some day ;)

  3. We will definitely have to make it a date.

  4. I hope you and "Mac" are very happy together. I love my "Mac". I was a reluctant "Mac" owner. "PC" and I were limping along, but comfortable. But then "Mac" swept me off my feet.

    And the honeymoon is not over.

  5. My first computer was a 1984 Apple Macintosh. Those were the first models, and that was my first year of college. The school had an arrangement where you could buy them and pick them up at the beginning of the school year.

    Congrats - that's exciting!

  6. Fiddledeedee, I made the confession to my husband last night--that I'm totally in love with the new "guy."

    He took it like a man. I'll keep him around too.