Friday, May 18, 2007

Curriculum has been chosen...

for the 2007-2008 homeschooling year in this household!  Should cue the sounds of trumpets and triumphal march music of some sort.

Like I mentioned in this post, my first Homeschool Convention and Curriculum Fair was an amazing event.  I was "shock in action" in some respects, like a kid's first time at a fair, wanting to taste every offered sweet and ride every exciting whirlygig, but simply not having either the tickets or tummy or time to do it all.

I needed a 28 hour time allowance to fit into the 8 hour frame I had.  Ahh, well.  My sweet friend, Mommy Dearest just let me know about another homeschool fair close to my locale that I can attend.  I told her that my main reason for going would be to actually attend the seminars and workshops rather than just dash from line to line.  So I'll be working on the childcare plans, now.

Kim from Lifesong, another homeschooling mom, had asked me to share some of our curriculum so I thought that while hopefully helpful to someone, blog posterity at least required the typing out of things.  By this time next year I may have to revisit this post to ask the question, "What was I thinking?"  or "Now that was a good purchase!"

For clarity sake, I do not have twin boys but I do have two rising 4th graders (for those interested in the what level/grade question).  My two oldest are only 7 1/2 months apart.  Some day future I'll explain the math involved in that acquisition of children--God be praised!  And then the third son is a rising 1st grader.  With those references in mind, quick sidenote to explain that one of the greatest benefits I've seen to homeschooling is being able to somewhat "lose" the grade/level issue and more purely pursue the individual's interest, skill and ability factor.

But here's the basic list for my two older boys:

Chess will be doing the Saxon Math 5/4 workbook with Singapore Primary Math Level 3B as a supplement.  He was more quickly grasping the Saxon concepts and needs to move ahead more quickly than his brother.  The Singapore math will grant him that flexibility.  Pele will remain with the Saxon work for now.

Both will be using Shurley English Level 4, Adams-Gordon's Spelling Power, 4th ed., Wordly Wise 3000, 2nd ed., Pathway Readers and Workbooks (More New Friends & Building Our Lives), and Map Skills for Today, Level 4 (Traveling Near & Far) plus Map Skills on States and Regions.

Chess will additionally use a Handwriting Skills, level E, to improve his penmanship.  Pele does not need this.

My younger one, the Chairman, will be using Shurley English Level 1, Handwriting Skills Level A, Map Skills for Today, Level 1 (Finding Your Way), Pathway Readers and Workbooks (Before We Read & 1st Steps) and the Ordinary Parent's Guide to Reading to learn reading.

All three boys will work through Apologia's Exploring Creation with Botany (with their Daddy).  And all three boys will work through the Veritas Press Medieval Ages cards and numerous resources.

For Bible, the two older boys attend weekly Catechism class with our pastor who is taking them through Fisher's Catechism.  They receive written homework and memory work for the week from that class.  The younger one will participate in the same through listening and answering questions during our family worship and discussion.

Another reason we elected to homeschool was to give our children a 12 month frame for fitting in our required 180 days.  With that view in mind, our 2007-2008 school year will actually start June 1st.  Breaks will occur throughout the summer for things like visits with grandparents and vacations, but our intent is to flexibly work through the summer, freeing up fall and spring times for extended breaks as well.

I welcome your helpful input, questions and counsel in the comments. And I just realized that I didn't indicate publisher on some of these things, so if you're truly interested, ask and I'll reply in comments.


  1. Isn't it wonderful to have these things decided? I love moving from one school year into the next. We school year 'round as well, taking month-long breaks in April, August and December.

    My husband and I serve on our state's homeschool support organization's board of trustees, so we're now recovering from planning, preparing and enduring our convention. I love the convention and we're already knee-deep in planning and improving for next year.

    I have one suggestion for you: if there were workshops or seminars you missed, check to see if they were recorded. Our friends at Rhino Technologies ( provide recording services at many homeschool conferences nationwide and take online orders for any of their recordings.

    Have a wonderful break and a blessed beginning to your next academic year.

  2. We school year round, too, and take breaks when the weather is gorgeous and around Christmas and New Years. Thanks for sharing your curriculum choices. I love finding out what others are gives me ideas.

  3. We love our Pathway Readers. I bought one of those younger grade Apologia/Jeannie Fulbright sciences for next year, too. She (Jeannie Fulbright) is a great speaker and in our area.

    I have made a huge mess of my blog and managed to upgrade to the newest WordPress but wipe out all of my posts. {sigh} A sweet tech support lady is looking at it and I'm heading to our support group year-end picnic. I hope I return to find my blog intact!

  4. Oh, thanks, Elle! It all sounds wonderful! After attending our HS convention this weekend,we have decided to switch to Teaching Textbooks for Math for my older ones! I loved it...the conventions are very helpful to actually see the books and all.

    I am probably going to post on our final curriculum choices soon. I am really excited on Evie started with some real school things!

    We will probably start up in early August when it is too hot to do anything else!


  5. Clem--thanks for that tip! Very helpful!
    Leslie--that's our plan exactly.
    Dawn--glad that your site is back up.
    Kim--I'll look for your post on your choices.