Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My son is concerned...

about the number of things currently being made in China.  I'm not quite sure how this has become such a pressing issue in his life.  He's just shy of 10 years old, and we don't spend any time at all, really, in even talking about the nation of China.  He's not from China. 

For whatever reason though, every tag in his clothes has been read and exclaimed over when it says, "Made in China".  Every toy has been scrutinized and exclaimed over when it says, "Made in China". Apparently now, even the groceries are suspect.

At lunch yesterday the boys were discussing the tortilla chips.  A pretty little senorita is featured on the bag enjoying the chips, so Pele surmised that the chips were made in Mexico.  I chuckled and told him to please read the back and see exactly what it said. 

Chess quickly piped up, "They're probably made in China!" 

Honestly, the idea of hardworking Chinese laborers making tortilla chips with 0 trans fat grams in 16 servings per bag to place inside of a bag made to look like it's from Mexico was more than I could handle.  I choked on my sandwich from laughing.

I'm obviously going to have to step it up on the geography.

The chips were made in Plano, TX.  Thank goodness for the small kindnesses.

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