Monday, March 19, 2007

And then Monday was over....

and finished just as quickly as it had begun.  Let's take an assessment of the day.

First goal: Do not drive anywhere at all.....Done!  We will drink the Hazelnut Cream coffee until I make it to the store.

Second goal:  Do not have to put makeup on, only if you want to.....Done!  A little moisturizer, a little lip balm, and I'm facing the day with a face that doesn't require powdering, repouting, or unsmudging.

Third goal:  Stay in the comfy pants, crocs and tie dyed shirt all day long.....Done!  An elastic waistband to ease the, ahem, indulgences of the weekend, I'm just saying.

Fourth goal:  Teach the new math and grammar lessons so the week's work can continue.....Done!  And we all lived to tell about it.  That really should receive a double done!

Fifth goal:  Clean out the refrigerator of all the leftovers, either eating or tossing, as needed per inspection....Done!  It was a smorgasbord dinner of roast, rice, green beans, spaghetti, alfredo noodles, kielbasa, fried okra, and fried oysters, but hey--S&S has nothing on me!

Sixth goal:  Complete from start to finish one load of laundry--washer, dryer and fold....Almost done, but I will be folding while watching Jack Bauer save the world.  The laundry keeps me grounded in reality, you see.

Seventh goal:  End the day knowing the One True God, Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is at work in my life, for the praise of His glory, that all of His promises are kept and fulfilled, and that by faith alone I cling to Him....Done, and Amen!

Good night all. 


  1. Speaking of Jack Bauer...what's gonna happen to Martha Logan?

  2. Thanks very much for stopping by my blog and commenting so kindly. And congratulations on achieving all these goals!

  3. I had company last Monday, plus a baseball tourney game at 7:45, so I missed Jack (my washing machine was out so I could have enjoyed him, ungrounded from reality). I thought it was being recorded. I stress the "I thought" part. Last night we settled in to watch last week's episode before tonight's, but no Jack. Reading the synopsis off the website just doesn't cut it. {sigh}