Tuesday, February 13, 2007

And so it continues...

this mild flu afflicting future great numero uno, that is.  He continues to just feel cruddy.  However, this afternoon he had a good period of no fever and a little bit of renewed appetite.  I quickly fed him, and then hustled him downstairs to do a couple of sections on the standarized test.  Since the results are only for our eyes, I'm clearly aware that the results will not reflect his complete ability. 

He actually enjoyed working on it though, and did really well.  He thrives on a variety challenge, often becoming bored with the rote and then lapsing into daydreaming.  Plus, he said that he likes to fill in the bubbles.  Lest you think I'm some horrible taskmaster, we only spent all of 25 minutes on 2 sections before I hustled him back to bed with refreshments, cuddles, and a funny movie a la ibuprofen. 

The other two requested Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for their rainy afternoon activity, which I also obliged.  The only other major kink in the day was trying to take future great numero dos to soccer practice which was cancelled, albeit I didn't receive the email in time to know this.  So while out on the complete other side of town, I thought I'd salvage the drive with a necessaries trip to the grocery store.

I intensely dislike grocery shopping at any store other than my usual store.  Why do I do that to myself?  It's not only frustrating to try and figure out the other store's schematic, but none of the clerks are as friendly, and I don't run into 18 friends for chatting amongst the tater tots--just so different. 

However, the deed is now done with milk, eggs, and bread back on board for another few days of houseboundedness due to flu. 

That's it, folks.  The glory life of a stay at home homeschooling mom with one sick boy and two cabin fevered others.  Thank you, God--it is indeed glorious!

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