Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Chicken or Fish?

The boys love to ask questions. Each one of them loves to ask lots of individual questions. Each one of them loves to ask individual questions all day long, at various points throughout the day, usually while I'm trying to think complete thoughts. Hence, I blog complete thoughts--or at least I'm trying.

Back to the questions--because so many questions are asked in the course of my day, to which I always feel compelled to answer them, so desirous I am of being a mom who answered her children with other than "because I said so" (although that phrase does suffice around here as well). Do run-on thoughts count as complete thoughts?

Anyway, the point being that lots of times nonsense questions are asked, and I still try to answer them, not discerning that instead I should be challenging the questioner with a seasoned "think for yourself" type admonition. The transition stage of my older ones to actually piece together the provided information and then make wise decisions, responsible decisions, decisions not requiring a question-answer session of their mom, is a tough one I'm discovering.

Case in point, last night's interchange regarding what's for supper--a favorite question around here:

"What's for supper?"
"We're having fish sticks."
"Fish sticks? Do they have chicken in them?"

See, not only are you blown away with the high intelligence of this home but neither can you overcome your culinary jealousy for the gourmet food served therein.

Maybe there's a connection? I'll get back to you on that.

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