Thursday, December 21, 2006

Every year about this time...

I start to feel a little bit panicky about the Christmas present thing. Have I remembered gifts for everyone? Is *she* giving me a gift and if *she* does, then do I have something to give back to *her*? Have I found all the gifts for the boys that I've been stashing for the past year? And oh for goodness sake, what am I going to put in the stockings this year besides the traditional M&Ms and toothbrushes? (yes, I know it's a contradictory combination, but it works!)

It's that nagging feeling of "What am I missing?" Similar to the whole "Honey, I think I left the iron on" scenario that occurs 23 miles from home after you've all ready left 14 minutes late. It's very unsettling. And most years I can just dismiss it, chalk it up to the accumulated busyness that's been going on and drink another cup of Chai tea. Except for the glaring reminder of the Bionicles on my kitchen counter.

Two months ago my oldest was downstairs in the basement hammering away with some bent nails on some scrap lumber. He was intent on his creation. I heard the hammering stop and after about 15 minutes, his pounding feet were on their way upstairs. When he came inside, his words jumbled out, "Hey mom, I was looking for some more wood and I saw this box and it had some sawdust on top of it so I thought it might have some more wood inside of it and so I looked and there was a Star Wars ship in there and some books and one of those little Lego things that I got at my birthday and a cowboy belt and a little bow and arrow and oh yeah, some Bionicles. "


And he repeated the whole thing.

"Honey, I don't know what you're talking about. Would you please bring the box upstairs and I'll look at it."

"Sure, mom!"

He brings the box upstairs and lo and behold, inside the contents revealed all that he had related plus a couple of Christmas ornaments---and that's when I remembered that these *treasures* belonged to the pile of presents that I had purchased for my darling children TWO YEARS AGO!

I dispensed all the gifts right then and there---except for the Bionicles. Those things are now banned from the house FOREVER! That's a whole other post.

Anyway, do you see why I'm feeling unsettled? Who knows what other box of treasures might be stored in the basement. Where's the Chai tea?

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