Thursday, May 25, 2006

First Entry

I've thought about this, and wondered if I could actually keep it up. I've considered the pros and cons, and have still remained interested. I've dreamed that maybe, just maybe, this would be an outlet to compose complete thoughts and examine ideas and then just be able to write it all down.

So I suppose it's appropriate that in the midst of trying to write my first entry, my first complete thought, that I would be in the computer room (a corner of the laundry room) with two of the three future greats asking me questions (10 at the last count) and the great man asking me about the sewing kit so he can sew on future great #1's patch because I don't sew, which all together is it's own future bloggable complete thought, but where was I? Oh yes, it only seems appropriate that in the midst of all this, I'd wonder what am I fixing for supper (and I'm not kidding, they just all asked me what we're having), that my first complete thought would certainly not be a comprehensible one to the average reader unless of course you also think in run on sentences.

Maybe I should change the title...

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